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What do we do? how do we do it?

We specialise in helping businesses and organisations like yours uncover the true cost of all the documents you print via your office printers.

Working with you, we can collect key data from your network.

We’ll discover and show you exactly how many prints are made on each of your printers.  We can then work the numbers and come up with an exact cost of every single piece of print in your organisation.

The results of this process are often an eye-opener.

If needs be we can provide you with valuable information such as who did the printing and what they printed. We then help you to manage your print costs in a more efficient way, typically reducing your costs by as much as 30%.

The reality of print in the workplace

The true paperless office doesn’t exist.

Every business has a minimum amount of documentation that needs to be printed in order to support their business and its processes. We work with all of our customers to find that optimum amount, get rid of the waste, and efficiently control the cost of what must be printed.

Not many companies have ‘office print’ as a line in the annual budget. Depending on who you are inclined to believe office print costs are between 2% and 5% of a companies turnover. So a significant saving in these costs should make a real and tangible addition to your bottom line. We’ll help you work out exactly what your total costs are per annum then show you how to reduce them. We have customers who have reduced office print costs by over 30% per annum. With our buying power, range of options and flexible approach to supply there is no need for a one size fits all approach. 

Benefits to the environment

Like you, we are interested in the world we live in. Did you know...

It takes 10 litres of water to manufacture one A4 page 

Nearly 6Kg of CO² are released in the production of 1Kg of paper

It takes one tree to make 16,000 A4 pages

The average office worker prints approximately 10,000 A4 pages per year 

So by using just one less pack of paper your company can positively affect the environment by... 

Using 5,000 litres LESS water 

NOT emitting 15 Kg of CO2 into the atmosphere 

SAVING a large branch of a tree 

Who are Quantum Managed Print?

We are a division of Printerbase Limited, a hugely successful internet reseller.
We sell over 2,000 printers and photocopiers a month in the UK. 
We understand the process of buying, running and managing fleets of printers.
We have relationships with every printer and photocopier manufacturer in the world.
We are experts in managing office print. It’s all we do.

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